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Avada Theme Full Stack Training Package

Avada has been the #1 selling theme for more than 6 years, making it the most trusted and complete WordPress theme on the market.

Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit when using Avada:

  • Avada includes the Most Advanced Network of Options ever seen in a theme.
  • A plethora of options neatly organized into sections that allow you to build websites without any coding knowledge.
  • We teach you to change the settings or options you’d like within Fusion Builder, even down to every single element.
  • The Fusion Page Options give you full control over a wealth of page options, making it super simple to customize each individual page.
  • The professionally designed demos were built entirely with our very own Theme, Page & Element Options options and require no custom coding.
  • Every demo is included for free and can be easily imported with one click through the admin section of your Avada installation.

Avada Website Builder Features List

It is that simple, no coding knowledge required! Avada gives you the confidence and ability to design and build any website style with the only limits being your imagination. You have full control over the design and layout of every aspect of your website, with granular precision.

70+ Design Elements

Endless Possibilities

Design Elements are varied and versatile, providing you with an almost endless combination of options to create dynamic and feature-rich content. Everything that you will need to reach out to your target audience is provided in neatly laid out Fusion Library. Choose, drag into place, and edit visually.

Design Anything, Build Everything

Say hello to Avada 7.0, the follow on update from version 6.0, 6.1, AND 6.2, which formulates our vision for the future of designing and building with WordPress and Avada.

The Avada Website Builder is feature-packed with a vast array of tools and style options that will complete your toolkit, ready to take on any project. Build any website layout, fully custom to your needs from the header down to the footer. Build bespoke menus, and take advantage of the latest Flexbox technology to create the layouts you want to display across all devices from desktop to mobile, and so much more. Continue reading below to discover more.

The Avada Header Builder

New to Avada 7.0 is the super flexible Header Builder. Whatever your design requirements are, getting the job done could not be any easier. You can decide how many columns to use when designing and building the header, with a vast array of styling options to perfect the layout. What’s more, is you can now choose to create and display as many different headers as you want for different pages and posts throughout your website.

Flexbox For Fluid Layouts

Flexbox is a highly flexible layout mode in CSS3, and being purely CSS based, allows for supreme layout control and layout display of HTML pages. A major defining feature of flexbox is its ability to fluidly fit the viewport based on the device screen size you are using to view the website, with the layout being less restrictive in terms of content flow.


Column Width By %

Your design and layouts no longer need to rely on predefined 1-6 column sized layouts. You can now decide the width of all columns down to the percentage, giving you granular control over how your content is displayed on everything from a desktop to mobile and allows for exciting design choices.


Multiple Columns on Any Device

The option to decide how many columns are displayed across devices is a long-awaited feature. You can choose what columns to display on desktop, tablet, and mobile, providing a unique experience on each device for your website visitors.

Menu Element

As a companion to the new Header Builder for Avada, the new Menu Element is extensive in its offerings. It will make a significant difference to any Avada powered website you design and build. You can now display any menu anywhere within your website pages or posts, literally. The styling and layout options and choices for the new Menu Element are comprehensive.

Lottie Animation Element

Lottie is an open source animation file format that utilizes tiny file sizes and produces stunning animations and effects. The all new Avada Website Builder element for Lottie Animation lets you quickly and easily add and customize Lottie Animations on your pages.

Sticky Containers

A fantastic new option for all layout containers is the ability to assign a sticky status. If you have a particular point of interest or CTA on a page or post that needs to remain in the visitors’ eye-line as they scroll down the page, this is the way to do it. It is also a great way to improve the below the fold marketing strategy for your website.

And More:

  • A professionally designed demo with a custom header and updated all demo imports to use flex box layouts

  • Added an advanced, full-blown header builder for incredible design freedom (see information above)

  • Added 16 prebuilt headers for usage with the header builder

  • Container & Column elements now have a flex box based standard mode, which allows for advanced setups and positioning (see information above)

  • Avada Website Builder admin dashboard, integrating all components of Avada into one main area

  • Site title and tagline can now be used as dynamic data

  • Possibility to set a custom width on Column element

  • Responsive options system to control margins and paddings of Containers, Columns, and some elements for large, medium and small screen sizes

  • Added a column alignment and a column justification option to the Container element

  • Added options for sticky and absolute positioning of containers

  • Added a z-index and overflow options to the Container element

  • Added an option to set a minimum height for the Container element

  • Added box-shadow options to the Container element

  • Added options to control Container element borders on all sides

  • Added animation options to the Container element

  • Added option to order Column elements within a container differently on responsive modes

  • Added option to set different Column element widths in responsive modes

  • Added column self-alignment option to Column element

  • Added content layout and alignment options to the Column element

  • Added custom width option to the Column element and an auto width option

  • Added a Global Option to set the column spacing

  • Added element sticky visibility options to Column and other elements

  • Added a post meta element to the Avada Layout Builder for easy customization of post meta data

  • Added option to the Comments layout section element for ordering comments vs comment form

  • Added responsive alignment options to Title, Image, Button and Text Block element

  • Added font-size, font-family, line-height, letter-spacing and font-color options to the Text Block element

  • Added background-color, font-size, text-color, and border options to the Search element

  • Added border options and max-width option to the Image Before & After element

  • Added flex-grow option to the Separator element to make element positioning at bottom of columns easy

  • Added an icon font size option to the Social Links element

  • Added possibility to set divider color to the Avada Widget Options

  • Added possibility to turn off related, up-selling and cross-selling WooCommerce products

  • Added possibility to easily clone layout sections

  • Fusion Slider element can now use full-screen mode

  • Added option to change the FAQ archive page slug

  • Added WeChat to Social Icons

  • Added Xing to Social Sharing Box

  • Added TikTok to Social Icons and Social Sharing Box

  • Added margin options to the Button element

  • Added div tag as choice for the Title element tag selector

  • Smooth on page scroll will work for anchor links now in top menu and menu widgets

  • Added possibility to regenerate related post image sizes by adding force-regenerate GET query var to page URL

  • Added a filter for easy extension of multiple featured images to CPTs

  • Added a filter for the Vertical Menu widget arguments

  • Added compatibility for breadcrumbs and image sitemap of RankMath SEO plugin

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.4 and 5.5

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3

  • Compatibility with ContactForm 7 v5.2 where notices have been updated

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